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Stephanie Allen, Allison Alsup, Gaylord Brewer, Bill Brown, Marian Crotty, Michael Estes, Linda Fischer, Brandon French, Kim Garcia, Connie Green, Janet Hagelgans, Kyle Hays, Julia Campbell Johnson, and more!

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After a hiatus of far too long, PR Online returns to the land of the literary.  We’ll be posting updates more regularly and have quite a bit to say.

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Thursday 300
Thursday 300

It was terrific to catch up with Associate Editor Mike Landweber at Conversations and Connections on Saturday.  We’re thrilled (and proud) to hear that his latest novel, Thursday, 1:17 p.m. will be coming out this week.  Visit his web page for all the details.

Conversations and Connections 2016

Read about it here.

Read all about our experiences at C & C DC 2016 on our blog.

Albert's Reviews


Interns Meet with Settlement House Publisher, Larry Moffi

Check out our blog for our interns' reactions


AWP 2016

We’re back from the AWP and hope that you’ve been following our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  And we’re glad to have seen so many of you stopping by our table to chat, have some swag, and buy a copy of the magazine.  Kyle Hays, Richard Peabody and Lauren Wolf ( our fantastic web designer) are among the many who dropped by to say hello.


And we look forward to seeing you next year, in DC, at AWP 2017.


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