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#58 | FEATURING       Stephanie Allen, Allison Alsup, Gaylord Brewer, Bill Brown, Marian Crotty, Michael Estes, Linda Fischer, Brandon French, Kim Garcia, Connie Green, Janet Hagelgans, Kyle Hays, Julia Campbell Johnson, and more!

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You’ll want to watch this space as we unfold the latest addition to our webpage, aptly called “The Latest.” Catch up with publications, readings, awards, and all of the good stuff that goes with being a writer. Of course, we’ll link you to contributors’ pages as well publishers’ sites so that you can find out more about our news makers. And if you’re a contributor or past intern, contact us with a blurb, a link, and a photo so that we can quickly upload your. . .latest.

Photo by Lauren Wolf

Photo by Lauren Wolf

Now, we probably shouldn’t leak this, so don’t say that you heard it here,  but . . . .word is out that in June there’ll be a celebration.  Stay tuned for more details.

Thursday 300
Thursday 300

It was terrific to catch up with Associate Editor Mike Landweber at Conversations and Connections on Saturday.  We’re thrilled (and proud) to hear that his latest novel, Thursday, 1:17 p.m. has been published. Visit his web page for all the details.

Conversations and Connections 2016

Read about it here.

Read all about our experiences at C & C DC 2016 on our blog.

Albert's Reviews


Master Class With Alicia Partnoy

Click on the photo to read the PR interns’ article–you’ll be glad you did.


Mindfulness and the Pen

See what our interns have to say about mindfulness and writing on the blog.

Photo by Lauren Wolf

Photo by Lauren Wolf



Mindfulness and The Pen

PR Interns Hieu Duong and Juliana Borelli offer these ideas about writing and mindfulness, mixing meditative practice with the creative…

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